24-03-11 CNG Net at the Carrosserievakdagen trade fair in Hardenberg
On Tuesday 29 March, the Carrosserievakdagen trade fair in Hardenberg opens its doors. Visit us in Hardenberg and order your tickets here.
22-03-11 Natural gas filling station opened in Delfgauw
On 17 March, under the BP awning at Importweg 1 in Delfgauw, the new CNG Net natural gas filling station opened for business. With the opening of this new station, the province of South Holland now has nine natural gas filling stations built by CNG Net.
3-03-11 From today, you can refuel with natural gas in Etten-Leur!
From today, you can refuel with natural gas in Etten-Leur at Nijverheidsweg 102, under the Tamoil awning.
25-02-11 Natural gas filling station in Haarlem open for business once again
At the end of January, the old station in Haarlem had to make way for a new station on the Minckelersweg. The activities have been completed successfully and you can now refuel with natural gas in Haarlem once again.
24-02-11 Marianne Vos runs on Bio-CNG!
CNG Net is sponsoring Marianne Vos and her Nederland Bloeit cycling team, amongst other things by providing two back-up vehicles which run on Bio-CNG for the coming cycling season. Yesterday afternoon, CNG Net presented the team with the two back-up vehicles.
22-02-11 Natural gas filling station opened in Roosendaal!
Since Monday 21 February, it has been possible to refuel with natural gas at CNG Net in Roosendaal. This is already the seventh CNG Net station in the province of North Brabant. And you won't have to wait long for the eighth!
14-02-11 Friesland's Labour Party (PvdA) group is enthusiastic about driving on natural gas!
On Friday 11 February, CNG Net welcomed the Labour Party (PvdA) group of the province of Friesland to our natural gas filling station in Drachten, at Curielaan 1.
26-01-11 CNG Net is renovating Haarlem natural gas filling station
In order to make way for the works, the station will be closed from today for four weeks up to and including 24 February. Until the stations reopens, customers can use the Schiphol Airport station at Schiphol.
20-01-11 Natural gas filling station opened in Purmerend
On the afternoon of Thursday 20 January, CNG Net opened the natural gas filling station at Laan der Continenten 15 in Purmerend under the awning of the Tamoil filling station.
19-01-11 Volkswagen Touran EcoFuel wins important innovation award
In the ADAC Golden Angel awards, Volkswagen won a prize for the natural gas technology in the Touran.
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